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The Benefit Of Dentures For Sleep Apnea Suffers

A recent article in the TeleManagement, headlined the fact that denture removal may worsen Sleep Apnea. Doctors generally advise people that wear dentures to take them out at night to minimize any negative effects that excessive denture wear may have. However, studies conducted on 6 different people that suffer with Sleep Apnea,


Do You Dream When You Snore?

Yes you can, but only when snoring that occurs during the REM stage of sleep. Social Snoring “Social” or “common” snoring is the type of snoring that most people experience from time to time and is usually not a cause for immediate concern. With this type of snoring you CANNOT


Why Do People Snore Loud?

There are those that snore and then there are those that sound like an aircraft taking off. So, what does make the difference and why do some people snore so loudly all the time and others at a bearable level? In A Nutshell There are two main factors that come into play here and


Top 6 Considerations Before You Buy An Anti Snoring Mouthpiece

OK, you’ve decided that an anti snoring mouthpiece is want you NEED to stop your snoring issues and you are now in the buying mood. Before you start doing your final mouthpiece online research and deciding on the most suitable one for you, there are a number of things that you should bear in mind