It’s American ingenuity at its best when a good product becomes a GREAT product after a company responds to customer feedback with an improved design! In this stop snoring review, we will review a recently updated (November 2016) anti-snoring device called SnoreRx. We will review the excellent improvements made to this product and the overall great features that SnoreRx offers.

SnoreRx Is Now Adjustable In One Millimeter Increments

This is perhaps one of the most remarkable features about the improved SnoreRx product and really sets this product apart from its competitors and makes it significantly better. Everyone’s mouth is different in terms of size and shape. SnoreRx recognizes this and clearly understands that anti-snoring devices should not be made as a “one size fits all” product or they can cause pain, and in some cases, even permanent injury.
The most frequent problem that people experience when they wear an anti-snoring device for several hours at a time is they wake up with a sore jaw. This pain emanates from the back of the cheek where the lower jaw interlocks with the upper jaw. The medical reason this occurs is that the upper jaw and lower jaw become forced slightly out of alignment by the anti-snoring device. This misalignment is not noticed as being a big deal by the user when they first place the device into their mouth. Just wearing it a few minutes, or even for an hour, the misalignment is not usually enough to cause the joint between the upper jaw and lower jaw to become sore. However, if a person sleeps all night with their upper jaw and lower jaw out of alignment, even slightly, soreness will invariably set in and this pain can be quite significant!
Here’s how SnoreRx fixes this very common complaint of sore jaw. They have engineered the product to be easily adjusted in one millimeter increments for a maximum distance of six millimeters. This is more than enough to ensure that the upper and lower jaw positions can be relaxed into a natural position with the SnoreRx in place during the long period of sleep.

There Is a Visual Calibrator Built Into the SnoreRx Device

Not only can you adjust SnoreRx but you can also see the actual setting on the device and lock this desired setting in. This makes it much easier to precisely adjust the alignment if you need to. There is no other major anti-sleeping device on the market that allows you to do this.

You Can Adjust This Anti-Snoring Device

It is very easy to readjust the SnoreRx anti-snoring device to make it fit your mouth perfectly, even if you don’t get it just right on the first few attempts. You’ll just need to unlock the old setting and then select a new setting to lock into position. In other words, you can try one setting that feels initial comfortable and then easily adjust it as needed once you test it overnight in the first position you choose. Just like micro-adjustments to your pillow can make all the difference in the world as to whether or not you get a full night of restorative sleep, the ability to make micro-adjustments, and fine tune the SnoreRx device, ensures you’ll be able to sleep comfortably with this device throughout the night.

You Can Achieve a Custom Impression

The SnoreRx device is built to high dental standards in all of its design concepts. This includes the ability for you to heat the product up in very warm or hot water and then achieve a custom impression to the interior of your mouth. In this way, the device will contour to every nook and cranny of your teeth and gums, ensuring that you are able to sleep comfortably without noticing that this device is in your mouth. The redesigned SnoreRx device seems to contour better than other anti-snoring products, possibly due to lattice style nature of its internal matrix. Please note that this custom impression is separate from your ability to adjust the relative positions of the upper and lower jaw when the SnoreRx is in place. Thus, everything about the SnoreRx device is custom!

There Is No Torsion Or Pressure Exerted

Some anti-snoring devices have a tendency to exert pressure against the inside of your mouth due to the twisting torsion of the product. SnoreRx has clearly tested for this and eliminated this problem entirely as we have determined there is no pressure exerted inside the mouth even after extended wearing of the product.

Breathing Is Facilitated By the Superior Design

Whether you mouth breathe, nose breath, or both, you will be able to breathe freely and as you normally would with the SnoreRx in place. They have designed this product so that the air flows easily around it. In fact, with SnoreRx in place, your body will very likely receive more oxygen than it is used to getting when you snore. For this reason, you will wake up more refreshed than ever after wearing SnoreRx all night.

Excellent Safety Features

We always make sure to pay close attention to the safety features of all the anti-snoring device reviews we do. In SnoreRx’s case, we are happy to report that they seem to have thought of every detail when it comes to safety. Not only does it meet the safety standards required by dental devices, it actually exceeds them to a large degree. The materials do not contain bisphenol A, otherwise known as BPA, or any other chemicals often found in other anti-snoring devices. We cannot stress the importance of this enough since the device will come in direct contact with your saliva and the interior of your mouth where harmful substances, if present, could easily move into the rest of your body through uptake in the blood. Further, SnoreRx does not contain any bits that could pose a choking hazard.

What Is Our Final Assessment of the SnoreRx Anti-snoring Device?

SnoreRx has several advanced features that are not found in any of its anti-snoring device competitors. Moreover, these advanced features make it more comfortable than any other anti-snoring device on the market. Additionally, the SnoreRx device ranks at the top of the field in every other major feature that a person with snoring difficulties would be looking for in an anti-snoring device. Given the testing that we did to provide this very thorough stop snoring review, we highly recommend this anti-snoring device.

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