Aaron Taylor, former NFL player and now college football analyst, has teamed up with the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) to promote the dangers of Sleep Apnea amongst Football players.

Aaaron Taylor lost friend and teammate, Reggie White 43, to a heart attack in 2004.

Sleep Apnea contributed to Reggie White’s declining cardiac condition.

Aaron Taylor aims to initially target College Football level and raise awareness amongst players, staff and parents and hopefully instigate standardized Sleep Apnea testing for those that are potential targets at an early stage.

Football Players Are Becoming More Obese


There is an increasing trend of those that play American Football, at all levels and ages, to be more Obese than before.

This trend is most noticeable among Linemen.

Obesity obviously has a whole host of other problems associated with it, however, the clinically proven association between Obesity and particularly larger fatty and muscular necks and throats has been widely demonstrated and understood for many years.

A fattier throat has an increased amount of fat on the inside which leads to increasing pressure, restrictions and blockages on your upper airway.

Many people have made the mistake of thinking that in this regard, physically fit individuals escape the potential dangers of snoring issues, but they do not.

Most of these Obese players are probably a great deal physically fit than the normal non-obese guy on the street, but their potential to suffer from Sleep Apnea is a great deal higher.

Aaron Taylors Mission

Obviously, Aaron Taylor’s ultimate aim would be to set up a framework to save lives by educating, informing and diagnosing players with Sleep Apnea at a much younger age than their own natural instincts would have had them do.

With early diagnosis, there is no reason why these players cannot find solutions to manage or treat their Sleep Apnea problems and prevent it from being a contributing factor to a deadly result, such as was the case with Reggie White.

The other chief benefit that Aaron Taylor draws out is that those players that actually do suffer from Sleep Apnea are not capable at performing to their full potential on the field.

Treat Sleep Apnea and remove the disturbed sleep, day time drowsiness and higher levels of fatigue and players will just be more physically and mentally capable and willing to push themselves further and higher in their sport.

A tremendously worthwhile and winning campaign all around and one that we really do hope produces the desired results that Aaron Taylor and the AASM hope to achieve.

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