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Yes you can, but only when snoring that occurs during the REM stage of sleep.

Social Snoring

“Social” or “common” snoring is the type of snoring that most people experience from time to time and is usually not a cause for immediate concern.

With this type of snoring you CANNOT dream when you snore.

The reason why you do not dream during social snoring is that you are in a state of NON REM sleep and dreams ONLY occur during the REM sleep stage.

Sleep Apnea Snoring

Snoring due to Sleep Apnea is a much more serious and dangerous type of snoring and a vastly different problem that you should seek medical advice on as it COULD be fatal.

Sleep Apnea snoring occurs during REM sleep, which is the same stage of sleep that dreams occur in.

During REM sleep snoring, you may be dreaming as well.

Caveat and Personal Experience

There is a caveat to the statements above.

Social snoring 99% of the time occurs during non-REM sleep and Sleep Apnea snoring 99% of the time during REM sleep.

It can, therefore, be inferred that REM sleep determines the ability to snore and during each snoring type’s 1% exception state, dreams and snoring can occur, which means dreams could, theoretically, occurs with any type of snoring.

I have had contact from a number of people over the years that suffer from Sleep Apnea and especially Obstructive Sleep Apnea and a many number of them have told me about how they have awoken suddenly from a snoring deep sleep state (verified by bed partners) recalling some form of dream to a greater or lesser extent.

Of course there is nothing scientific about this “hearsay”, but I do think it is nonsense that the scientific community as a whole simple says that you cannot dream when you snore simply because they haven’t carried out verifiable and specific tests and studies to prove it.

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  1. Gloria G.

    NOT true..i dream and remember them and my hubby wakes me up cause I was snoring and I can remember my dreams and tell him

  2. Martin

    Hello there! Just wanted to say that dreams do not ONLY occur in REM sleep, although the most vivid dreams and usually the ones you remember occur in REM. The dreams you have in NREM sleep are mostly just simple thoughts and images, but they are certainly dreams. You dream throughout the whole night.

  3. Mike Adams

    I snore very loud at night and I dream constantly so you can defiantly dream and snore at the same time

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