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This is the latest ACTIVE Good Morning Snore Solution coupon.

There is currently a sale going on and this coupon discount is in ADDITION to the sale prices that you will see when you click on the coupon advert above.

So, if you have been wanting to buy this mouthpiece, then now is really probably as good a time as you are likely to find to save some money with the coincidental double saving to be taken advantage of.


How To Use This Coupon

Click on the coupon advert above or Visit GMSS Here.

Click the “Order” button on the following official website page.

Select which package you want to buy (single mouthpiece or the 2 mouthpiece family pack).

Complete your order details.

At the final order page stage, before you click to pay, you will see a box at the bottom that says “COUPON CODE”.

Enter coupon code “FALL20” (2016 Fall Sale) into this box and your order total will be re-calculated and discounted by a further 10%.

Enjoy the savings!


Good Morning Snore Solution Price

NOTE – all mouthpieces need periodic renewal and most within 3 to 6 months, but the Good Morning mouthpiece interval is 12 months. Make sure you factor in the ANNUAL real cost for comparison between mouthpieces that you are considering, because annually a sub $72 GMSS is actually cheaper than an $18 mouthpiece that needs replacing every 3 months.

There are currently two different packages to buy.

First, just a single mouthpiece with a regular price of $119.94 although the current sale price is $99.94 and with the 10% off coupon discount in addition, the final price you pay is $89.94 for a single mouthpiece.

Secondly, the family pack consists of two mouthpieces at a regular price of $189.94 although the current sale price is $159.94 and with the 10% off coupon discount in addition, the final price you pay is $143.94, making the price for each mouthpiece $71.97.

Remember that you will need to add on shipping charges onto these product prices, which vary slightly depending on where you live, but should be around the $10 mark, which is the case for California.

Obviously if you do order the better value family pack, then you will also save on paying a single shipping charge and not double, so a further saving to consider.

Disclaimer – This Review Is Bias!

As any of my long term followers of my snore ramblings will know, I personally use the Good Morning Snore Solution (GMSS) for my own “social” snoring problem.

I do a lot of travelling as well as camping and I originally wanted a discrete and travel friendly oral appliance, which is the initial reason why I bought it in the first place.

However, the success and simplicity of it has certainly made it my snoring solution of choice.

So, just to be fully transparent with you if I sound overly enthusiastic in some parts of this review.

Having said that, although I have found it to be ideal to address MY snoring issues, it may not be right for YOU and I will highlight these areas why you may not want to buy it as we go through.

What Is The Good Morning Snore Solution?

The Good Morning Snore Solution is primarily a Tongue Retaining mouthpiece.

A small, incredibly comfortable and unobtrusive designed device that retains your tongue in the forward position all night with just the use of natural suction.

By keeping your tongue from falling down, your airway cannot be restricted or blocked by it.

No restricted airflow = no snoring.

Design, Material and Side Effects

Don’t get put off by your first sight of someone using this mouthpiece.

Yes it’s a different “look” than standard mouthpieces, but it is really the different and innovative design that has led to its huge levels of success and customer satisfaction.

The shape is pretty self explanatory, but the levels of comfort that you get from the super soft BPA free material and the smaller than usual form factor just make it much easier to use every day and is really the key reasons that make it my mouthpiece of choice now.

One of the things that concerns me about most Mandibular mouthpieces are the longer term side effects, such as gum problems, jaw issues and bite misalignment.

Mainly due to the way you use the mouthpiece, the Good Morning Snore Solution side effects are near enough zero.

Short term effects may include tongue tenderness and excess saliva for the first couple of days until you get used to it, but after that there are no real worries in terms of longer term side effects.

Who Should Definitely Buy This

Anyone that snores due to their tongue restricting their airway should buy it.

This includes both “social” snorers and mild to moderate Sleep Apnea suffers.

It is first and foremost a Tongue Retaining Device and quite frankly, currently, far and away the best on the market in terms of comfort, design and effectiveness.

Who Should Also Consider Buying This

A great number of people have found (including myself) that the actual design and positioning of the mouthpiece and your inner mouth unintentionally provides benefits to other wearers.

Mis-positioned Jaw Snorers

I snore due to tongue obstruction and a slightly backward positioned lower jaw, both contribute to my snoring problem.

I, like many others that use the GMSS mouthpiece have found that your lower jaw tends to be edged forward to a small degree and in my case it is enough to eliminate the snoring due to my normally mis-positioned lower jaw, in my opinion.

Other testimonials from customer that actually snore due to a mis-positioned jaw only, have actually found that this anti-snoring mouthpiece provides them with their snore free sleep.

Teeth Grinders

For those of you that grind your teeth and have to wear a teeth grinding mouth guard at night, the good news is that there is no reason why you cannot use the Good Morning mouthpiece at the same time.

Obviously, with every grinder’s case a little different, it would be best advised to check with your Orthodontist first.

The even better news is that a GREAT many teeth grinding mouth guard wearers that actually buy the GMSS actually find that they can use this INSTEAD of their grinding mouth guard.

The GMSS keeps your mouth slightly open, which means less tooth contact and less grinding…obviously simple!

Denture Wearers

If you do wear dentures and have tried to buy any type of mouthpiece to stop snoring, then you will already know what a nightmare it is to find one.

So you’ll be glad to know that denture wearers can use the GMSS without problems, as the mouthpiece doesn’t actually fit over teeth.

Sleep Apnea Suffers

Huge levels of pleasure from mild to moderate Sleep Apnea suffers that have found that they can use the Good Morning Snore mouthpiece in place of their CPAP machine or interchangeably with it.

It is actually classed as a Class I medical device in Europe and Canada, which means that it has been approved for use in mild to moderate Sleep Apnea patients.

However, we would always suggest that you confirm YOUR use of it with your doctor if you suffer from Sleep Apnea.

Who Should NOT Buy This

I would love to say that everyone should buy this and their snoring would disappear instantly, but I would be a liar.

Snoring is a huge issue that is driven be a myriad of different underlying snoring problems.

Certain types of underlying snoring problems are just not going to see any benefit from using this mouthpiece and buying it would really be a complete waste of your money.

Nasal Congestion

If you snore due to nasal congestion and that can be temporary or chronic, such as colds, allergies, sinus issues, etc then no matter what you read elsewhere, you should not use this mouthpiece.

The GMSS mouthpiece requires you to breathe through your nose, so using it when your nose is blocked could quite frankly be damn right dangerous.

Gum Problems

If you have gingivitis (chronic swollen or sore gums), you should not use this.

The mouthpiece has full contact with your gums and will probably make your affected gums worse.

Severe Sleep Apnea Suffers

If you have a severe case of Sleep Apnea you should not use this device, but remain under the careful instruction of your doctor.

How To Use It

This is the best bit and if you’ve been used to wearing ANY other anti snoring oral device, then you will love this as well.

Step 1:  Stick it in your mouth.

Step 2:  Squeeze air out.

Step 3:  Stick tongue in.

Step 4:  Go sleep.


One of the things that I find really annoying is the involved and specialist solution costs required for cleaning many other oral devices on the market.

The Good Morning Snore Solution sets the example to the others as all you need to do is drop the mouthpiece in a glass of cold water with standard denture solution or tablet that you can get at any pharmacy.


Tested, Approved and Recognized


The GMSS mouthpiece has been sold since 2008 and actually seems to be becoming even more popular now as more word of mouth satisfied customers recommended it to family and friends.

It still does surprise me why there is not more advertising for this mouthpiece done by the company like many of the other snoring products available today.

Designed and developed by notable Sleep Researchers under the now infamous Dr Dort, sold worldwide and manufactured in Canada.

Thorough successful clinical trials were carried out before even the release of this mouthpiece and the surprising part is that those clinical result numbers seem to be lower than the success levels that are actually being experience by real people once this mouthpiece was released to the general public.

Approved and Recognized

With international coverage and sales, there has been a whole host of Regulatory Approvals obtained as required by each individual country’s laws, including the USA FDA, Australian Government – Dept Health and Aging Therapeutic Goods Administration, Canada Health and Better Business Bureau awarding it an ‘A’ rating.

As well as the necessary approvals from regulatory bodies, the GMSS has also received countless commendations and praises from a whole host of professional and recognized publications and certified doctors and dentists.

Good Morning Snore Solution Reviews

There are heaps of GENUINE Good Morning Snore Solution reviews by customers that are just full of such relief and praise for this simple solution to their problem.

You should be wary of a number of FAKE reviews that you may come across online, that are just manufactured for sales purposes.

You would think that these guys would spend 5 minutes of their time to actually do some research and realize that there are actually plenty of GENUINE positive reviews to choose from that they don’t actually need to make anything up.

Of course, apart from customer reviews, the Good Morning mouthpiece has also been positively reviewed and recommended by a number of doctors, dentists and industry publications.

Ongoing Costs

This is the bit that I really like and why this mouthpiece is actually a BARGAIN at the price.

ALL mouthpieces only last so long before you have to replace them.

The normal period for replacement is 3 to 6 months and even less for some cheaper/poor quality material made mouthpieces.

The recommended replacement interval for the GMSS is one year, but most of us actually find that you can probably double that period.

The reason is simple, unlike other mouthpieces, the GMSS does not have any tooth wear exerted onto it.

This together with no other “moving parts” and made from the highest quality of BPA free material in the first place make it a HUGELY better (and therefore lower cost) renewal expeience.

DON’T MISS THE POINT HERE and buy a cheap $23 mouthpiece that you need to replace every 3 months, because your REAL annual cost will be MORE than the current $68 deal you can get on the Good Morning mouthpiece at the moment (if you buy the family pack).

Money Back Guarantee

Pretty standard, but this mouthpiece comes with a 30 day money back guarantee, which is always nice to know giving you a genuine period to actually try it out.

Unlike most other companies, this 30 day money back guarantee starts from the date that you receive you GMSS product and not from your order date.

Customer Refund Rate

Any of my followers from my previous Snoring column and writing will know that we used to promote and sell a lot of different anti-snoring mouthpieces for different snoring issues.

However, the Good Morning Snoring Solution had BY FAR the lowest refund rate of them all at LESS THAN 1%, compared with others that were sometimes as high as 25%.

Take what you will from these numbers, but it would seem that people when they get it, just don’t want to give it back.


If you’ve got this far then you will no doubt know what my recommendation for this mouthpiece is.

This is a STRONG BUY, but only if you do not fall into one of the “Who Should NOT Buy It” categories above.

The current double sale plus coupon deal gives you (if memory serves me right) the lowest price that this has been offered at, so if you want to buy it, then grab it now.

Make sure that you take advantage of the latest coupon codes at the top of this page and click on any of the “order” buttons on any of the adverts on this page, including the one directly below.

If you do buy it, please pop back and leave your experience (good or bad) with it in the comment section below to help others in the future.

I genuinely hope you find your snore free solution.

Speak Your Mind
  1. Linda

    I have tried almost all types of snoring mouth pieces and they somewhat work but hurt. When I received the GMSS in the mail, I thought I had just wasted more money on this cheap looking thing but was amazed. I sleep silently till it falls out, and get the nudge to put it back in. After a week or so, I manage to keep it in all night long. It is soft and comfortable and I wish I had tried the GMSS first.

  2. John

    Finally needed to replace my mandibular mouthpiece and decided to give the good morning one a try. It took me about 2 weeks to really get used to it, which is longer than they say. The first few nights it fell out 3 or 4 times a night and the tip of my tongue was tender. It does still fall out sometimes, but mostly stays put. The snoring improvements are on par with my old mouthpiece, which is minimal to zero snoring noise with it in. What I really like (now that I’ve got it to work properly) is that it is a thousand times more comfortable to wear than a mandibular one. Even though I think its more expensive than it could be, I would still not go back to my old style mouthpiece.

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