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I was reading a news snippet in the Huffington Post today, which details a divorce in China.

The Chinese couple had been married for just 9 months, when the wife filed for divorce stipulating the main reason for divorce as the husbands excessive snoring.

She had not been able to get a proper night’s sleep since the couple married, it had caused her deterioration in health and increased illness and also caused her to lose 7.5kgs in weight.

The divorce was granted and the husband ordered to pay compensation of around US$806.

My Thoughts

There’s a few publications that have run this story now with different levels of snoring amusement, which I can understand in the bigger scheme of things.

However, I would really like to know the real statistics of snoring leading to divorce.

Now I’m sure that there are still very few that have the sole reason for divorce as the snoring.

However, I bet, if truth be told there are MANY where the snoring has been a contributing factor either directly or indirectly.

Snoring is well known to have a detrimental level of tiredness for the PARTNER and you all know how this can lead to short tempers and arguments that just seem to start the downhill slope to eventual divorce.

If you’ve been in this situation or know someone that has or completely disagree with me, then I would love to know by leaving a comment below.

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