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A recent article in the TeleManagement, headlined the fact that denture removal may worsen Sleep Apnea.

Doctors generally advise people that wear dentures to take them out at night to minimize any negative effects that excessive denture wear may have.

However, studies conducted on 6 different people that suffer with Sleep Apnea, found that by keeping their dentures in at night, it actually led to an improvement in the number of Sleep Apnea breathing episodes by nearly double.

They found that the airway was actually decreased in size when dentures were removed.

The estimated conclusion is that 10% of those with no teeth may experience worse Sleep Apnea symtoms.

My Thoughts

It’s both an interesting and important bit of information for many out there and I can’t imagine why it would not include ALL snorers and not just those that suffer from Sleep Apnea.

Although the mechanics of improvements was not detailed, it is pretty understandable that the addition of a (denture) mouthpiece would offer a more rigidly structured mouth space contributing to a less restricted airway.

One of the common complaints with those that wear dentures is just how few anti-snoring mouthpieces there are available that can actually be worn with dentures.

One of the notable exceptions, of course is the Good Morning Snore Solution.

The fact that so many WANT to wear their dentures at night but also want the added snore less benefits of a mouthpiece probably means that many are already aware of the inherent breathing advantages of keeping their dentures in at night.

However, for those that are not and tend to remove your dentures at night, this may be something to note and indeed try to see if YOU see any improvement with your own snoring issues.

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