It’s not often you hear about the Sleep Apnea issues of well known people out there.

But Sleep Apnea has no discrimination, it can affect anyone, regardless of who or where they are from.

Sleep Apnea was causing Tim Beck, the Nebraska Offensive Coordinator several years of restless sleep which was affecting his ability to perform at his peak in his role.

Not too sure what other steps he took in the last few years to solve or manage his problem, but he recently underwent jaw surgery to correct the issues once and for all.

Tim Beck is still in recovery mode so it is way too early to tell whether or not he has eliminated his Sleep Apnea sleep disturbed nights.

He decided to undergo jaw breaking surgery and had both his upper and lower jaw bones broken in 4 places to prevent airway blockage.

I presume they shorten the line and repositioned it.

He’s been on a soft food diet and has lost about 15 lbs since surgery and is still advised not to shout, so Fall training camp is for now a much quieter place.

Wish Tim all the very best for a full recovery and hoping his Sleep Apnea woes are finally over.

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