here are just so many people looking to stop snoring these days, but likewise there are just so many that want to do it in a natural and healthy way and not resort to any medication or devices.

There are a number of different exercises that all help to stop your snoring issues, but listed below are three of the most popular.

Follow these exercise routines on a daily basis to give yourself and your bed partner the sleep that you deserve and have some healthy fun along the way.


Not really a surprise why this is the most popular exercise / excuse to stop your snoring!

The key here is to form your initial kissing position with your mouth, preferably with someone else, but if they’re out shopping, then you can use the back of your own hand and then hold your mouth in that position for a 10 second count.

Regular practice of the kissing exercise will lead the muscles in your mouth and throat to tone and tighten.

Tighter muscle tone in your upper airway system, means less muscle sag and them blocking your air flow.

The increase in tone also makes them stiffer and less susceptible to vibration and as we all know, that beasty snoring sound is caused by vibrating tissue.

Fake Smiles

The easiest of all of the exercises, but one of the most ridiculously effective.

Smiling has a similar effect to kissing, but does also have a bias to strengthening and toning the outside muscles of your face as well.

A great exercise for all of those women out there that snore, you get to have a much firmer and more youthful looking skin tone whilst at the same time consistently reducing your snoring problem.

Remember, the bigger that fake photo shoot smile is the better and one that you need again to hold for a 10 to 15 second count, so you may want to do this one in private to top strangers staring at you insanely as they walk past you on the street.

Again, an exercise that you really need to do often on a daily basis.

Tongue Extensions

This is the best exercise for those of you that have snoring issues because your tongue falls down when you sleep and blocks your air passage.

The idea here is to extend your tongue as far as possible and aim to try to touch your nose and then chin with it.

Obviously, some of you will not actually be able to touch your nose or chin, but that is what you should aim towards, although there are a number of huge tongued people that can extend it beyond these points.

Don’t over-do it, especially at first or you may find yourself suffering from lock jaw or end up with a sore base of your tongue after a couple of days.

The “advanced” variation of this tongue exercise once you have mastered the up and down positioning is to move it from left to right in a consecutive sequence.

Slow and steady with 10 second holds at each targeted position.

The tongue muscles themselves will strengthen after a while, as well as a number of other muscles in your mouth, all contributing to less “floppy” bits getting in the way of your air flow.

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