You already know that snoring can lead to being a simple nighttime annoyance for both you and your bed partner to having a devastating effect on relationships, irritability and health, for both of you.

Most “social” snorers that first look for a simple solution, especially if they look online, find that there are all sorts of weird and wonderful devices and gadgets available that all claim to instantly cure your snoring problem. Take it from me, most of these just don’t bring that miracle cure that they claim for everyone, although there is a huge benefit for a number of snorers that actually buy and use the correct device for their underlying snoring problem to treat it successfully.

For most first time snoring solution seeker out there, these devices just seem to look a little bit on the uncomfortable side to give them a decent night’s sleep.

This is where a number of alternative “non device/gadget” snoring treatments come into play. However, all of these treatments are specific to YOUR underlying problem that causes YOU to snore, so know your problem, select the appropriate treatment option and join the huge numbers of people that have successfully overcome their snoring issues without needing to resort to expensive stop snoring devices.


This is so simple, that most people will read the word “diet” and just skip to the next treatment.


We’re not talking weight loss here.

Diet examination and change is one of the easiest, quickest and most common treatment solutions for the largest number of social snorers that there is.

For many people, a certain type of food will cause internal airway issues that exacerbate the effects of airflow restriction leading to that snoring sound.

For many, this may be a simple allergy to certain foods, with dairy products a HUGE culprit.

Now, we’re not talking about how you usually think about food allergies here when you react in obvious and instantly noticeable ways such as difficulty breathing or skin rashes or itchy eyes.

The allergy is much more subtle and so subtle in fact that you don’t actually know you are allergic to the offending food.

However, although the reaction doesn’t show externally, the small constraining effect on your airways is enough to cause sufficient restriction to lead to snoring. Allergy sensitivity will also produce more mucus when you sleep which also contributes to restricted breathing capability.

Everyone is different, but it is certainly worth keeping an eye on your diet and even not eating or drinking anything a couple of hours before you go to sleep to see if there is any effect, especially as going straight to sleep having just eaten increases the propensity to snore regardless of allergies.

Weight Loss

There are no real issues with being overweight from a snoring perspective, except that overweight people tend to have more fat tissue in their throat and upper airway system.

Your airway is only so large and with an increased wall of fat surrounding it, there is greater constricting force on the passage, meaning that there is less space for the air required to pass through unrestricted.

If you are overweight or obese, it is really difficult to just loose fat in this area. You really need to have a whole weight loss approach and the amount of fatty tissue causing snoring will also diminish.

Plus, it’s a great way to get fitter and healthier at the same time.

Sleep Position

One of the oldest and most simple snoring treatments in the book.

So many people complain that they snore when they sleep on their back and my answer is…well don’t sleep on your back!

Sleeping on your front or even better still on your side, just positions all of those internal snore causing bits to be kept out of the way of a clear air passage.

On your back, tissue, tongue and other muscles fall with gravity into the direct way of the rear airway passage.

You don’t need to spend any money in buying one of those special “sleep on your side” aides.

A simple pillow wedged into you back often does the trick or a tennis ball fastened on your back will auto turn you if you turn onto it at night.

Failing that, I’m sure your bed partner will be more than happy to give you a firm poke to turn if they hear you snoring at night on your back.

Nasal Blockage

Many social snorers only snore when their nose is blocked.

This can be temporarily from such things as a cold or allergy, or chronic conditions such as sinus issues.

The “product” route would be one of the myriad of nasal strips that are sold.

Take care choosing though as they are not all as effective as each other and some just plain don’t work and are only there to waste your time and money.

One of the really good methods that I favor is the good old nasal rinse before going to bed.

It is a particularly good for those that suffer from mild allergies, children and REALY good for those with sinus problems and all natural without any chemical stuff and cheap as chips.


We’re not talking aerobics here, we’re talking tongues and throat.

There are some really simple exercises that involve things such as kissing, tongue wiggles and fake smiling that can be done anywhere, any time and really help to tone and strengthen those key muscles.

The beauty about these exercises for many is that it really can be a lifelong cure for your snoring if muscle obstruction is where your problem lies.

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