OK, you’ve decided that an anti snoring mouthpiece is want you NEED to stop your snoring issues and you are now in the buying mood.

Before you start doing your final mouthpiece online research and deciding on the most suitable one for you, there are a number of things that you should bear in mind as you look through the alternatives.

You may want to bookmark this page and use it as a check list against each potential mouthpiece that you add to your buying shortlist.

Keeping these key considerations in mind will not only more than likely save you a bit of money and know what you are getting yourself into from a practical usage perspective when you eventually get to use the mouthpiece, but it will go a LONG way to making sure that the one that you eventually choose will be the most likely to give you that snore free sleep that you want.

Real Cost

You are NOT going to end up paying the price that you see on the buy it now sticker.

All mouthpieces only have a certain life expectancy before you need to replace it.

The average replacement interval sits somewhere in the 3 to 6 month area, although there are some, such as the Good Morning Snore Solution mouthpiece where the real replacement period can be years.

The best way to cost up like for like is to do a quick calc based on the annual cost.

So, for example, if a $40 mouthpiece needs replacing every 3 months, that’s an actual annual cost of $160, which is considerably different to the $40 bargain you thought you were getting!

TIP – more often than not, the cheaper, lower quality mouthpieces cost less but have a more frequent replacement interval which actually makes them MORE costly than the more expensive mouthpieces in the first place…it’s all about sucking you into the sale don’t you know!


You would expect that any device that you need to stick in your mouth and drool over all night would be made from the safest of materials wouldn’t you?

Well, you would be wrong.

There are still, many anti snoring mouthpieces that you can buy today that are not made from BPA free material.

Generally, the non-BPA mouthpieces tend to be the cheaper ones, which makes sense because the BPA material and manufacturing process is actually more costly.


I can’t stress this enough.

This is probably THE most important factor that will determine whether you will actually bother to use your mouthpiece more than a few times.

It is also one of the most significant factors why some snoring mouthpieces sell in vast numbers and some sell in such low numbers.

At the end of the day, if the mouthpiece that you settle on is not only a badly designed shape, but also not made from the softest of materials, it will just cause soreness in your mouth at night and the experience may be similar to sleeping with a rubber ball crammed in your mouth.

An experience you’re not going to be rushing to have every night.

The upshot is that everything else about the mouthpiece may be fantastic and it may even actually stop your snoring, but if it’s just so damn uncomfortable to wear and get a proper full night’s sleep, than it just ends up being a complete waste of money.

Just don’t compromise on this…you will regret it.

Clinical Trials

This is the boring stuff that no-one really wants to know much about.

However, you don’t need to read through the technical babble of them, just make sure that there has been some carried out and the test results were good.

You will be surprised at how many total rip-off and ineffective mouthpieces there have been over the years that people have paid for that never had any clinical trials.

You will also find that some of the most highly regarded and effective mouthpieces have been pre-tested with clinical trials.

Now, I’m not drawing any conclusions here, but that does seem to be a strange coincidence!

Regulatory Approval

This is an important one and I’d be as bold to warn you that if a USA sold snoring mouthpiece is not FDA approved, strike it off your shopping list and move on.

There’s a reason why some mouthpieces don’t have / can’t get FDA approval and it’s nothing to do with how good their sales page on their website is, but more often than not it’s due to safety reasons.

Many mouthpieces are sold worldwide and you will find that the better mouthpieces have each country’s specific regulatory approval and more, which is a good sign, as many European, especially the UK, Health and Safety regulatory bodies have stricter standards and requirements than the USA FDA.


You’ve really got two choices when buying an anti-snoring mouthpiece, from the time of purchase to actually getting it into your mouth and going to sleep.

The first choice is the dental route.

There are many mouthpieces that can only be supplied / fitted by a dentist, although many of them can actually be bought and paid for online.

If this is the case, then you will need to add onto the price any additional dental molding and revisit fees as well as your time and hassle of arranging it all.

Second, there is the straight buy online route.

Buy it, get it, and use it.

The price that you pay is the final price and you don’t need to inconvenience yourself any further.

There is a requirement to get a prescription, but this is often taken care of online at the time of purchase with no hassle on your part.

Be aware that many of these will still need you to mold the mouthpiece to your mouth with the use of some hot water, but it takes just a few minutes and can be done in the comfort of your own home, so not a big deal.

The choice is yours, but I do favor the last “least hassle” route, which also tends to be considerably cheaper as well!

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