There are those that snore and then there are those that sound like an aircraft taking off.

So, what does make the difference and why do some people snore so loudly all the time and others at a bearable level?

In A Nutshell

There are two main factors that come into play here and really control the snoring volume.

First, how restricted is the snorer’s airway passage?

The more that a person’s airway passage is restricted or sometimes even temporarily completely blocked, the faster the same amount of air is trying to rush through a tiny opening.

Faster travelling air leads to more ferocious pressure on those soft tissues that vibrate at a much more alarming rate causing an increase in the level of sound.

Think of the level of noise that a flag flapping in a gentle breeze makes and then in a strong wind.

Secondly, it depends on how “flappy” and big those soft tissues are, such as the soft palate and Uvula.

The bigger and softer these parts, the more they will vibrate and move under fast flowing air rushing past and the more noise they will generate.

Loud Snoring Is A Danger Sign

People do tend to make fun of people that persistently snore really loudly, but the real danger is that it COULD be a clear warning that there could be something much more serious and possibly deadly underlying it.

A typical symptom of Sleep Apnea, which can be fatal, is habitual loud snoring and even more urgent is if loud snorers are suddenly waking up gasping for air.

This can be a sign that their airway is actually becoming fully blocked with no oxygen entering their body and carbon dioxide not being exhaled for periods.

If either of these symptoms sounds familiar, you really should address the issue further, find out more about other indicative Sleep Apnea signs and speak to your doctor.

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