In A Nutshell

That snoring noise is the sound of vibrating tissues that are found in your upper airway.

If your airway becomes restricted or blocked for any reason, then air travelling through your upper air passage speeds up and the increased velocity causes soft tissues, mainly the soft palate and Uvula, to vibrate causing the snoring sound that you hear.

In much the same way that sound is produced from a flag flapping in the wind.

Contributing Factors

Some of the main reasons why the your airway may become restricted include:

  • Tongue dropping and blocking
  • Nose blocked
  • Weak throat muscles
  • Airway tissue formation just too close
  • Mispositioned jaw
  • Excess throat fat
  • Excess throat muscle relaxation
  • Sleep Apnea
Top Video Pick

One of the most enjoyable video explanations of why do people snore.

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