Snoring In A Nutshell

Snoring is just a sound.

It is the sound that is produced and amplified in your throat / mouth / nose as a consequence of vibrating soft tissue caused by a restricted air flow.

As simple as that.

Snoring Is NOT A Problem!

It still amazes me how many sources pinpoint snoring as a problem and that includes a number of well known mega health websites as well.

Just do a Google search for “snoring” and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

As you can see from the diagram above, it is merely a SYMPTOM of an underlying problem and not a problem in itself.

Hey, for your bed partner, that irritating sound that’s keeping them up at night may in fact be the problem for them, but for you if you want to manage or stop your snoring, you’re going to need to find out the reason why you snore and that means finding out what the underlying problem actually is.

The good news is that when you do find out what your actual problem is, it really isn’t difficult to find an appropriate solution.

Here’s a good example to drive this CRUCIAL snoring understanding home if you’re deadly serious about managing or eliminating your snoring altogether.

You’ve got the Flu.

As well as other nasty things, your body just aches from top to toe.

Your problem is not aching muscles, this is just one of the symptoms of your real problem.

Your problem is the Flu.

Treat the Flu and your muscle aches will disappear on their own.

How That Snoring Sound Is Caused

As you can see from the diagram above, there are 8 main problem areas that eventually lead all the way up to that snoring sound that you produce.

No matter what the originating problem, the effect and cause of snoring tends to be more or less the same.


The various problems lead to a restriction or sometimes a temporary obstruction of your upper airway.

Now the same amount of air needs to pass through a smaller airway in the same amount of time which forces the air to travel faster.


The increased velocity of airflow has two effects:

Firstly, soft tissues vibrate (most commonly the soft palate and the Uvula).

Secondly, muscle, fat and tissue lining the airway are sucked inward to constrict the airway even further.

It is the vibrating tissues and faster airflow that produce the noise that we know as snoring.

This covers the “solution” section of the diagram.

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